Terms of Use

BetaSeries API Conditions.

We are good guys, however, there are a few rules to respect for this API to function at its best:

  • You agree to respect the General Terms of Use of BetaSeries with your key.
  • You must mention the use of BetaSeries (with the website's URL) on your application/website.
  • You should not make more requests than necessary.
  • You can use all the functions of BetaSeries via the API without restriction in a non-commercial application.
  • You commit to not spoiling users (for example, by displaying comments on episodes they have not seen).
  • You must remain reachable and keep a valid email associated with your API key.
  • The name of your application must not contain the name "BetaSeries".
  • If your application is intended for a wide audience, please contact us to check your implementation of the API.
  • If your application is for commercial purposes, please contact us so that we can work together!

By using the API with your key, you implicitly accept these terms of use.